5 Easy Steps to Start with a Healthy Eating Plan

healthy eating

Healthy eating may seem a difficult job to start with, we imagine buying lots of veggies, healthy food, organic stuff, and all but that comes far after you have actually begun. Healthy eating can be started from now without doing anything extra or fancy, just some easy steps in your daily life can affect your health immensely. Here are 5 easy steps that you can start with a healthy eating plan.

Step 1: Switch to herbal tea

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If you are a usual tea/coffee person then the first thing you must change is to switch that with herbal options. Herbal teas like green tea, spice tea, chamomile, lemongrass, ginger, etc are good options for a caffeine-free drink. You can also opt for green coffee or simple black coffee if it’s difficult for you to stop drinking coffee. The goal is to cut off caffeine as much as possible, you can rather eat whole fruit in the morning like an apple, bananas, orange, etc which are proven to wake up your body better than any drink.

Step 2: Drink plant-based milk

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Some people are not tolerant to lactose, moreover, too much of it can affect any person; pasteurized milk is not healthy to consume every day. This is why there are plant-based milk options like almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, and soya milk which are by comparison less heavy but still taste the same without adding extra fat. Plant-based milk is also effective for weight loss, and it’s free from lactose.

Step 3: Ditch processed food

Believe it or not, but processed food is poison for your body; studies show that a person consuming processed food is making their body as toxic as a person smoking tobacco. So ditch the processed sausages, steak, ham, packed chips, biscuits, or candies and opt for a healthier option such as homemade fries, fresh meat, broiled fish, homemade cookies, energy bars, etc.

Step 4: Drink water at the right time

Our body is 70 percent water, so it is the most essential item for living; Water itself has the potential to help lose weight and make your body free from toxins. Drink water the first thing in the morning, always drink water at home temperature, drink water half an hour before and after a meal, and always drink most during the daytime. Instead of drinking energy boosters or cold drinks, try lemonade, smoothies, or herbal drinks.

Step 5: Choose healthy while ordering outside

The irresistible food we see outside in a hotel or restaurant can be bad for your health, however, enjoying a nice meal once in a while will not make you sick. But you must take care of the items you order on a daily basis such as fries, the fillings in your sandwich, or a side dish. You can ask for spinach instead of iceberg lettuce, replace steak with grilled fish, and have pasta with vegetable or tomato-based sauce instead of white sauce.


Cut down refined sugar and salt, instead try organic sugarcane or jaggery powder for sweetening. Switch to whole grain meals such as bread, tortillas, etc instead of refined wheat or flour.

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