9 Healthy Carbonated Drinks You Should Have In Your Fridge To Indulge In Guild Free

healthy carbonated drinks

Consuming excessive carbonated soft drinks may cause belching because your stomach stretches from the accumulation of carbon dioxide gas. This causes belching, heartburn and a sour taste in your mouth. Another thing is that carbonated drinks rob calcium from bones if consumed daily that is why you need time to stop consuming carbonated drinks as soon as possible. Here are a few exams of healthy carbonated drinks that you can switch with carbonated drinks. 

9 Healthy Carbonated Drinks 

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Sparkling Water

There are plenty of drinks that are a good substitute for soda but most people recommend flavoured sparkling water. The carbonation in the sparkling water makes it fizzy like soda but it contains less sugar than a bottle of pop. This makes a bottle of sparkling water a good choice among healthy carbonated drinks. 

La Croix

La Croix is among healthy carbonated drinks that have zero calories, zero sweeteners, zero sodium. This drink is 100% effervescence. This drink is refreshing and you will feel Ahhh after every sip. 

Bai Sparkling

This healthy carbonated drink only has five calories and one gram of sugar per can. This drink is packed with antioxidants and super fruits which are considered to be good for your body. 

Kombucha Wonder Drink

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Well I either until a friend of mine a few years ago suggested that I try this. This drink will aid in digestion and you will be hooked. This drink is a fermented tea that is wonderful in cans. 


You might have experienced the luxury of carbonated mineral water. But I bet you haven’t tried it pouring from a wine glass. Try having Pellegrino, this drink is a healthy carbonated drink that will give you a fancy feel. 

Smartwater Sparkling

Smartwater is just a healthy carbonated drink that got a bubbly upgrade. Also it has fizz, this vapour distilled water features electrolytes that keep you hydrated for a long time. 

Kevita Organic Sparkling Probiotics Drink

This drink is extremely good for someone who is willingly giving up on carbonated drinks. This is a healthy carbonated drink that tastes like a mocktail and is good for your gut. 

Found Infused Sparkling Water

It is a drink that is naturally sparkling from rich minerals and this healthy carbonated drink is flavoured with natural aromas extracts. With a little beet sugar and you have a simple yet indulgent drink for yourself. 

SAP Maple Seltzer

This is a healthy carbonated drink sparkling sap that sounds weird and tastes amazing. This drink is 100 percent pure maple sap that has naturally occurring electrolytes, minerals, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants that refresh and hydrate your body. This drink is also a great choice for post-workout or mixed into smoothies. 


It’s time to ditch unhealthy sodas from your life and get your hands on these healthy carbonated drinks. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you and you choose to stay healthy. 

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