Choosing Healthy Hydration Drinks

healthy hydration drinks

Healthy hydration beverages like ready-to Drink tea (RTD). While offering great refreshment and revitalizing advantages, it doesn’t possess the potential harmful effects of coffee which can make a person crash or jittery. However, the difference between the healthy and the unhealthy hydration beverages is the way they are prepared and packaged. Ready to drink tea products are in ready to drink bottles, ready to use jars, or ready to brew tea blends available at specialty stores.

Seniors comprise the largest age bracket within the population but their number is rapidly growing due to changes in lifestyles and diets. For this reason, seniors must recognize the importance of hydration beverages to maintain their body’s overall health and reduce the possibility of dehydration and other health issues. The aging process causes the weakening of body muscles, which causes the need for more water consumption. Therefore, with more seniors consuming less water per day than in the past, the need for healthy hydration drinks is more prevalent.

The Social Effect On Nutrition Industry

As with any business, there is always a business owner who wants to capitalize on the newest trend, and that is why many companies are taking advantage of the advertising opportunities provided by social media websites. There was a time when consumers were more concerned about diet and exercise, since obesity was still a relatively rare condition. Now, as the need for diet foods and more active lifestyles becomes more evident, the attention is turned to healthy hydration drinks because of the large number of individuals who are becoming more health conscious and aware of what they eat. As a result, the industry has responded with numerous products that will appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences.

One of the market leaders is the Shower Power Hydrating Drink because it comes in the ever popular lime and mint flavors. These are healthy hydration drinks that can be used after a shower or just before bedtime, as long as consumers remember to sip slowly. Minty and limey drinks appeal to many people. This company offers an eight-ounce serving, which can be stored easily and contains no calories or other ingredients that are bad for a body that is trying to lose weight or is dealing with other medical conditions.

A Look At Different Beverage Products

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A top competitor in the healthy hydration drinks category is Purell Advanced Nutritionals Inc., which offers flavors like Pure Life Organics Fruit Flavored Water, Fruit Flavored Energy Drinks and Lemonade Blast Energy Drink. The company also offers various brands of functional beverages. One of the key ingredients in both Purell Advanced Nutritionals and Powerade is nootropics. Nootropics are herbal extracts that contain substances that enhance overall health. Although the nootropics used in these brands of products are not considered drugs in the strictest sense, they do have a number of health benefits and are commonly referred to as “nutrients” by health professionals.

A company based out of California called Xtendlife offers several healthy hydration drinks and health supplements that are considered “no toxins” and are good for the mind and body. Xtend Life healthy hydration drinks are made with only natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients in the beverages include grape fruit extract, grape seed extract, green tea extracts, probiotics, capsaicin, caffeine, natural flavors and minerals. Xtendlife also offers health supplements such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin E. The company also sells its energy drinks in the same category as its other beverages and has recently introduced a sport energy drink. It is important to note that the beverages have no calories and are low in sodium – 4 grams for each 8 ounce bottle. In addition, there are no artificial flavors and colors, so Xtend Life healthy hydration drinks are healthier than diet and exercise alone.

The difference between soft drinks and healthy hydration drinks is that most soft drinks contain carbonated beverages that cause a faster consumption of sugar than water, which contains natural sugars that provide energy. While diet soft drinks may be good for you, it is important to note that they should not replace exercise or healthy eating. If you are trying to lose weight, diet soft drinks can make you hungrier and eventually less motivated to exercise or eat a healthy diet. This can lead to an increase in unhealthy foods and a decrease in exercise, which can ultimately lead to weight gain and the cycle of gaining weight continues.


When you choose healthy hydration drinks you are choosing something that provides essential electrolytes and water instead of sugary empty calories. These electrolytes and water naturally stimulate the nervous system and increase your energy level and metabolism. This increased energy helps you burn more fat and calories and you will feel a stronger sense of focus and vitality. This renewed energy can help you reach goals and meet challenges that can keep you from reaching them. In addition to the added energy and focus that healthy hydration drinks provide, they also have other health benefits such as increased immunity and can prevent and ward off illness.

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