Stay Hydrated With These Healthy Water Drinks

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Water is crucial for maintaining our hydration levels throughout the year. Do you recall the advice to drink eight glasses of water every day? However, the water flavor may make you feel bored and compelled to reach for something sweeter, such as fruit juice or coffee. And when the average American is chronically dehydrated, this can exacerbate the condition while also increasing daily calorie intake.

Certain goods that promise water with additional electrolytes might likewise rapidly become pricey. Rather than that, choose all-natural alternatives. If you’re seeking a healthy alternative to water, here are some suggestions:

Mint And Strawberries (With Water)

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Rather than drinking flavored water, try adding fresh fruit to a glass of water. Additionally, adding mint provides an additional nutritional boost and leaves you with fresh breath. It is not necessary to stick to strawberries and mint: you can try with various herbs, such as rosemary, which combines well with grapefruit, or thyme, which pairs well with lemon. Combine all ingredients in an ice tray and freeze overnight. You’ll receive revitalizing flavored water in time for your workday. Alternatively, to save money, use frozen fruit.

Herbal Teas Are Served Chilled

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Tea is hydrating and delicious – but be cautious when selecting teas. While some teas may seem calming, a quick examination of the ingredient list reveals black tea leaves combined with other additives. Caffeine in black tea can dehydrate you; instead, choose herbal teas infused with orange peel, peppermint, or chamomile. Allow them to cool somewhat before serving, or add a few ice cubes to your glass for a refreshing drink. If you’re unable to sip your tea without adding some sweetener, a drizzle of honey will suffice.

Kombucha Tea

This fermented tea beverage is similar to a cup of your favorite herbal tea mixed with a glass of seltzer. You can manufacture Kombucha at home using four simple ingredients: sugar, water, tea, and SCOBY, a yeast culture that transforms the tea into a fizzy beverage. The sugar in this recipe from culinary blogger TheKitchn is used to activate the yeast, much like baking bread. You may create Kombucha yourself using herbal, black, or green teas, or you can purchase a bottle at your local grocery shop – be sure there are no hidden substances added to extend the shelf life.

Fire Cider

Another fermented beverage to try is fire cider, which will certainly rouse you in the morning. To prepare it, combine ingredients such as garlic, chili, turmeric, and apple cider vinegar and set aside for six weeks. While it may have an unappealing flavor, taking a spoonful every few hours will help keep the sniffles away if you begin to feel ill. If you’re searching for an extra boost of flavor, add that tablespoon to your seltzer.

Cactus Water

Everyone’s favorite desert plant is also a delectable substitute for water. The prickly pear, which is harvested from a cactus, is squeezed into juice and a refreshing alternative to coconut water. According to Elle magazine, the result is an antioxidant-rich beverage with a melon-like flavor.


There are so many variations on these nutritious beverages that you’ll never be bored while sipping again. To stay hydrated, you may always pour your beverage of choice into a Fit & Fresh to-go bottle.

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